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Date: 14th June 2017 | Category: News


Tamara lives on the edge of Iowa in the middle of the USA, near the Mississippi River, with her husband, three kids (9, 11 and 15), and fluffy white dog named Loki. She runs Mooglyblog.com with her husband Geo , who used to be a video producer. The couple make crochet video tutorials, and Tamara hosts giveaways and designs one free crochet pattern each week. She’s also written a book,
Quick Crochet For The Home and has three crochet classes on Craftsy.
It wasn’t until a family member showed Tamara how to crochet that she fell in love with the craft. “I desperately wanted to learn but never knew anyone who could teach me!” says Tamara. “Finally, in
early 2002 I gained a sister-in-law who crochets, and having someone show me in person was what made it finally click. If YouTube had been available, I think I would’ve learned a lot earlier!”

After her degree in psychology and before setting up Mooglyblog, Tamara turned her hand to many jobs, from waitress and clerk to classroom counsellor. “I never did like taking orders (see the waitress job) so working for myself has been wonderful!” she laughs. Tamara’s route to becoming a crochet designer began with her blog. “I always enjoyed coming up with my own designs
– the creativity you can express through crochet is what got me addicted. But it wasn’t until I tried blogging that I figured out how to write patterns so others could make them too. People started visiting the blog and I was off and running!”

Tamara gets her inspiration from the colours and shapes trending in the shops.  “IKEA is my favourite. Often, yarn will speak to me, telling me what it wants to be! And then there are my kids – they love telling me what I should make next.”
With a host of gorgeous designs under her belt, which is Tamara’s favourite pattern? “My most popular design has to be the Artfully Simple Infi nity Scarf. It lives
up to its name, it’s so easy. You can use any yarn – it’s a great pattern for those single skeins that sit on a shelf. After that, my Ups and Downs series, the Moroccan Tile patterns, and Eloise Baby Sweater have all been made many times.”

Alternating big and little patterns is Tamara’s secret to keeping on top of different projects. “If I did blankets every week I don’t think I’d be able to keep up!
I’m also lucky that my children are all in school and I have Geo ’s help with the business and household chores.”
So what are the joys and challenges in running the business? “People! There are so many wonderful and kind crocheters out there that let me know how my videos and patterns have helped them. But like any job in the service industry, it can be tough at times.”
Number one on Tamara’s to-do list is getting her new craft room finished. “I moved from a guest room into the basement to get more space. When I’ve sorted everything out I can’t wait to see
what the rest of the year brings.”

• Visit www.mooglyblog.com

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