[Preview] Vintage Straw Hat

Date: 11th August 2017 | Category: News


A raffia sun hat with a great fit, this packs neatly in a suitcase and goes with practically everything! Find out how to make your own in issue 92 of Inside Crochet, available to purchase today, or download directly to your device right now.

● King Cole Raffi a, 100% rayon, 59g/114m/124yds
Shade: Reeds 1462 x 3 balls
● 4mm & 5mm hooks
● Millinery wire in black/brown, 1m/1yd

Any similar weight paper yarn or raffia would work for this design.
Some raffia/paper yarns are thicker and would not be suitable, so please check the suggested hook size to compare.

To fit head circumference: 55cm/21½in.

Jacinta has worked in crochet, knitting and fashion design for almost 30 years, including working with yarn companies such as Hayfi elds, Rowan and Sirdar. Visit her website at www.jacintabowie.com

Buy this unusual yarn (King Cole Raffia, Reeds 1462 x 3 balls) for Jacinta Bowie's brilliant pattern project from www.lovecrochet.com

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