Christmas Mitts

Date: 11th December 2017 | Category: News


These cheery Christmas mitts would make great stocking fillers, perfect for warming cold December hands! Get started on yours ahead of the big day with the pattern project in issue 96 of Inside Crochet, available to order online and download directly to your smart device.


Sweet Georgia Superwash Six, 100% Merino wool, 115g/105m/115yds Yarn A: Cherry x 1 skein Yarn B: Wasabi x 1 skein (Note: Small amount only needed of yarn B)

Designer biography

Rhian is a crochet and knitting designer and the editor of Inside Crochet. She likes practical projects that fit into your wardrobe, and tries to design garments and accessories that can be worn every day.


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169 issueHappy holidays: Beautiful patterns for sunny adventures

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