Crochet Entrepreneurs: Lynne Rowe

Date: 29th November 2017 | Category: News


Lynne lives in Congleton in Cheshire with her husband and youngest son, who is 15. “My two daughters live away from home (mostly),” she smiles. Magically, Lynne finds time for all the things she loves – designing, working as a technical editor, managing her new website and running classes and workshops.
“I’ve made lots of new friends through my classes. It makes me really happy to pass on my skills so that others are confident to be creative too,” says Lynne. “I still learn new things every week from others. It can stimulate the growth of new brain cells, so it’s great that learning to crochet can help you keep an active mind.”
Lynne learned crochet from her nan. “She crocheted so fast that I was mesmerised by her hook zipping in and out. She would close her eyes and I thought she was crocheting in her sleep but now I realise she was resting her eyes – because now I do the same!”
Before crochet, Lynne worked as an accountant, and then in environmental science, focusing on sustainable waste management. “I still apply the recycle ethos to my daily life and my knitting and crochet,” she says. The start of her designing career came nine years ago when she wanted to crochet a cake and couldn’t find a pattern. So she devised her own, gave it to a friend and was inundated with requests for more. Lynne finds inspiration all around her, from people and places to textiles, the built environment and nature. Her most popular designs are accessories and toys, in particular crochet blankets and amigurumi. “Children like nothing more than a little handmade toy or blanket to cuddle or love. They take them everywhere, share their secrets and they help create lots of happy memories,” says Lynne. “For myself, I love homewares and at the moment I’m enjoying creating some rather lovely cushions and blankets in some of my favourite yarns.”
To keep on top of everything, Lynne is super organised. “I plan my months first. Then I create a week-to-week diary for daily activities, which I split down by the hour. It’s necessary because it’s really easy to take on too much. No more working at weekends and I also take the odd day o to meet up with friends.”
Running her business means Lynne can “work in the garden and enjoy the birds tweeting. I can make my own decisions about what I do each day. And I’m at home when my son comes in from school, which is the biggest bonus.” However, there are inevitably downsides. “It’s really easy to work long hours when you work from home. One minute it can be 3pm and the next it’s 6.30pm – where did those hours go?”
Coming up on the horizon is a collection of Lynne’s designs that can be made with 100g of yarn. “We’re all guilty of buying an odd 100g skein of yarn that we just can’t resist, so these projects will turn them into something beautiful to admire and show off.”

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