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I live in Durham with my wonderful partner – who tolerates my stashes of yarn – and our cat, Daisy. I enjoy designing homeware, especially blankets and cushions, as well as crocheting toys and garments for my nephew and nieces. I have a huge board of want-to-make patterns on Pinterest.

How did you first learn to crochet?

I’d wanted to learn for a while but couldn’t quite get the hang of it on my own. So my partner’s mum got out her hooks and showed me – and I just loved it.

Do you have a ‘day job’?

After studying and working in Germany, I also work as a German translator and have occasionally translated craft books, although not yet a crochet book – that would be my dream assignment.

How did you get into crochet design?

I remember wanting to make a snowflake cushion for Christmas using a lash yarn for the snow effect, but I was unable to find a pattern. My partner suggested I just design one myself. I bought some grid paper, got my colouring pens out, and suddenly my head was full of ideas.

What inspires your designs?

Almost everything. I love using flowers as motifs and natural colour combinations. But I also designed a blanket of granny squares based on the shapes and colours of the Romanov jewels. My style is modern but with the occasional nod to the good old granny square.

Which are your most popular designs?

Many of my designs are seasonal, so their popularity depends on what crocheters are looking to make in that month. However, my bee cushion is always popular on Ravelry and my free patterns for blanket squares get lots of views on my blog.

What’s your personal favourite of your designs?

I have two: My Winter Jewels Lapghan Blanket is an all-time favourite as it was my first time designing a whole blanket of squares on my own. I also had fun researching the colours and shapes of the fabulous jewellery worn by the Russian tsars. I also really like my Passiflora Blanket, as the soft purples and bright greens are some of my favourite colours.

Which achievements are you most proud of?

I’m an introvert by nature, so putting myself out there as a crochet designer was a massive step for me. Fortunately, the crochet community is a very welcoming and gentle place, and it has allowed me to share my creativity. I think my proudest moment was seeing my first pattern published in a magazine.

Are there any designers who inspire you?

Jane Crowfoot is a huge inspiration. Her Lily Pond Blanket was the first large project I tackled after learning to crochet. I learned so much while making it.

Any advice for an aspiring designer?

You never know until you try. So my best advice would just be think of something you would like to make for yourself and get your hooks and yarn out. If it doesn’t work out, all that you have lost is an hour or two playing with hooks and yarn.

Find Catherine’s free patterns at, or purchase patterns from Ravelry.

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