Fibre fun!

Date: 20th October 2017 | Category: News


Calling all south west crocheters! Are you looking to stock up on beautiful yarns and accessories for your upcoming projects? Hotfoot it to a fabulous new yarn show, Stitch Fest South West, with indie makers, dyers and spinners a-plenty showcasing their gorgeous goodies. Now in its second year, it’s held in the beautiful market town of Totnes in south Devon, on 4–5 November. Find lively crochet, knitting, spinning and felting workshops – don’t miss corner graphgan crochet, Tunisian crochet and broomstick crochet (all £15 each) and crocheting a brooch (£10), plus get your hand-dyeing dreams off to a colourful start with Devon Sun Yarns. What’s more, you’ll find talks and demos, and a knit/crochet and natter lounge. Hosted by contemporary Totnes crafts shop Social Fabric, advance day tickets are £4.50, £5 on the door.
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    Ha I do not know if you are joking or really serious, however the cats used the weekend upstairs while in the quite clean bedrooms. That cleanup shot was properly once the dust experienced settled. A fast kitty bath to scrub their paws plus they have been fantastic and new!

    Following permitting the texture soak up water for 10 to quarter-hour, scrape it off with a drywall blade or metallic paint scraper, holding the cope with with the blade in a lower angle to stay away from digging to the ceiling drywall beneath. Let the feel drop onto the very best sheet of plastic, and in the event the scraping is finished, roll up the highest sheet and toss it and all the scrapings away.

    Once almost all of the feel had been scraped right down to the joint compound and wallboard, you’ll choose to make use of a pole sander to knock down the tough places while in the ceiling. Make sure to sand your complete area, receiving it as sleek as is possible.

    We picked up or steamer at Lowes for approximately $50.00. It’s probably among the best investments We've produced. Some safeguards must be taken simply because you are dealing with some warm water dripping down from above you. We put on lengthy gloves and operate to your aspect as an alternative to right above our heads.

    I haven’t moved into my condo nonetheless, so I’m not terribly worried about dust (I've cheapo laminate floors and no carpet… floors to be replaced shortly).

    Here is my circumstance. I removed some partitions to open up up my kitchen to the having nook. I fixed the walls. I made use of the moist approach to eliminating the popcorn from your ceiling. I found the ceiling beneath was affordable easy and experienced a coat of paint on it. I patched locations which were rough. I even made use of a 4 ft lengthy Darby to degree some regions of the wall that were wavy. I mudded and sanded to perfection. I assumed the surfaces wherever pretty much excellent, even when taking a look at the drywall employing a 200 watt lamp at eighty levels towards the surfaces. I used primer on my initially coat. Then I painted the walls and ceiling with Behr Flat Enamel. It’s not absolutely flat aquiring a sheen number of four-six% at sixty levels. Also by miscalculation I employed a roller that developed some texture.

    I usually deal with Do-it-yourself homeowners inside their twenty-thirty’s who Certainly despise popcorn ceilings! All of them want “clean” ceilings alternatively! Sort of Bizarre when you think about that that “popcorn” texture was set there to act as an additional hearth barrier! Yep, that popcorn texture isn�t just for seems to be guys. Typically, it's going to comprise 3-five% Crysotile Asbestos, that has prolonged been employed, (and continues to be utilized) in development supplies because of its distinctive Attributes.

    For Kristen: If your stuff was wet, that’s a as well as. Most scenarios of asbestosis transpired following long-expression publicity to dry asbestos floating from the air – but there’s one case, no less than, of the spouse who contracted asbestosis from washing her husband’s asbestos-impregnated clothing more than a duration of a long time.

    You can use paper towels to dry the Sheetrock if It really is truly wet, and make sure you spray the popcorn instantly. In case you have many drips slipping within the ceiling, It really is a lot more than damp enough. You may Actually use your fingernails to check! Have on a mask and eye defense, Even though you're asbestos free of charge. These things tastes like glue.

    I’ve tried sanding Along with the sanding pole, nonetheless it nonetheless is not really sleek. I don’t choose to key and paint with no obtaining rid of that layer 1st. Any strategies?

    The top trick I found is introducing a drop of dish soap to the water it can make it stick with the ceiling and soak in. I discovered a awful ceiling below all of that popcorn and very good luck locating a pro which will even present up to give you a rate to fix a ceiling.

    If spraying with h2o would not function, test a little location with vinegar or ammonia, depending on the sort of paint utilised, and exam to find out if it arrives off.
    After allowing it established the item peels/scrapes off relatively quickly, taking the paint with it. We utilized it on our brick fireplace and it labored surprisingly perfectly. Good Luck!

    Regarding the message from mary about implementing joint compound above the popcorn, I might actually not advocate this method in the slightest degree. It'll be quite challenging to really make it sleek and will just take you for much longer than just scraping the things off in the first place. Have faith in me. I've expended the final week or so scraping off the popcorn and skim-coating all the walls and ceilings in my 665 square foot condo.
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    ArthurwharaUR 22nd October 2017 15:23

    I typically do ALL property improvement myself, but with two really younger Children, I could pay a person (I hate doing that for something pretty quick). I’m only contemplating spending a person mainly because they will be responsible for cleansing up afterwards and all of that.

    If your own home was inbuilt ’87, then you’re most likely within the very clear, but for those who’re concerned about it I’ll be described as a hypocrite, and inform you that you ought to get it tested.

    you have asbestos in the texture, you can no longer hire just any contractor to remove it. At that time, You need to use an asbestos abatement contractor. There are Web sites such as this one that describe how you can thoroughly remove asbestos made up of popcorn by yourself.

    Isn’t there any kind of solvent that could penetrate the paint? If I cant dispose of the popcorn what other strategies can be utilized to address it up? What exactly are my selections?

    (Am seeking to make a decision if I need a soaked vac or if I'm able to use what I already have. I’m all taped up and able to paint the visitor bedroom and am making an attempt to make a decision if I should de-popcorn or not. Y’all are giving me strength plus the curiousity to test it out.)

    If you have plaster on carpet, use it for a purpose to tear up many of the carpet! :-D You will have to vaccuum forty seven situations, wipe the glass twelve situations and mop 125 instances, but in the long run it's worth it. The tough element is about now.

    any person is welcome to come Have a look at it. I have burlap bags for you giys to make use of although Functioning if you want. Basic safety is the very first thing, considering the fact that supposedly asbestos makes nine weeks toddlers rupture and die.

    In addition there are some shortcomings to utilizing popcorn ceiling. It's an extremely major texture which may suggest that It is really very difficult to paint. This may be well worth looking at as you need to redecorate eventually in the future.

    They might have used an adhesive to the sides to keep the wet popcorn from peeling the paper throughout set up.

    To my untrained eye, the ceiling appears sleek. Exactly what is it the painter sees which i don’t see? Can it be that tough to complete a position similar to this appropriate for those who’re speculated to be skilled? Also, any recommendation regarding how to both stimulate the employee to fix The task or come across someone else who will correct the trouble.

    I am guaranteed both would perform perfectly. The point is to your moisten the material so any adhesive loosens and falls far from the drywall with the scraper or no matter what. Not too much even though! You dont want to moisten the ceiling over the popcorn, just the material :)

    I’ve heard from the number of folks just lately Having said that painted popcorn was basically much easier than non-painted popcorn as it arrived off in improved sheets. If it doesn’t workout perfectly…at the very least you have got the bit of thoughts that you have the talents to pull it out and begin over. Now In case your ceiling were being wallpapered with seven million levels like our lavatory walls ended up, then you might want to consider ripping out the drywall, but I think you’ll be alright.
    Right after permitting it established the merchandise peels/scrapes off quite effortlessly, having the paint with it. We made use of it on our brick fireplace and it worked incredibly well. Great Luck!

    August 29, 2005 at seven:55 pm· I even have plenty of the dreaded popcorn. I desire a knockdown texture alternatively, so I believed “why not only texture around the prevailing popcorn and help save a few dozen ways?” So…I’ve embarked upon manually making use of joint compound about the popcorn And that i’ve been possessing good results.
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