Free Tutorial: Easy yarn Pom-poms

Date: 6th August 2014 | Category: Free, Kids, No Crochet, Tutorials


Pom-poms have long been a staple in many craft cupboards. They can be added to hats and winterwear, used for household decoration, accessories, toys, and even wrapping paper. You can buy little gadgets and tools to help make pom-poms but it's just as quick (and a lot cheaper) to just use your hands.


  • Yarn
  • Sharp scissors

Step 1

Place a strand of yarn over your hand. You can wrap it around any number of fingers, just keep in mind the more you use, the bigger your finished pom pom and the more times you'll need to wrap it.


Step 2
Begin wrapping the yarn around your fingers. Try to follow the same path so the yarn stays together on your hand. 


Step 3
Continue wrapping. The more you wrap, the fuller your pom-pom will be. [Below] We've wrapped roughly 35 times


Step 4
Snip the end off.


Step 5
Cut another piece of yarn about 20cm in length (if you intend to keep the tail on to use for wrapping gifts or attaching to bunting use a longer length).


Step 6
Gently feed the piece of yarn between your fingers, so you have one end of either side of your 'wrap'.
Firmly loop the yarn over itself and pull, tying the yarn around your wrap. Gently remove the wrap from your hand.


Step 7
Tug the two ends of the yarn firmly, tightening the tie on your wrap – it should now resemble a bow. Turn it over and using the same piece of yarn, tie it off again.


Step 8
Slide your scissors through all of the loops on one side and snip through. Repeat on both side.


Step 9
You should now have what loosely resembles a big shaggy pom-pom. You can keep it like this or give it a 'haircut'. Simply snip away at the edges, in the shape you want your pom-pom to be. Be careful not to snip through the middle and don't cut your ties or your pom-pom will fall apart.



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