Issue 95 is out!

Date: 26th October 2017 | Category: News

With the clocks just going back and darker evenings now firmly upon us, it’s with a definite “brrrrr” that I’m turning to warm woolly crochet and thick cosy garments this month! Top of my list is Annelies Baes’s aptly named Cocoon Cardigan, worked in a thick yarn and perfect for layering under my winter coat. I’m also in love with Claire Trowbridge’s Star Stitch Skirt, a stylish pencil skirt ideal for work or after-work drinks. And Kath Webber’s stunning motif-based kimono will brighten up any autumn outfit while also providing a cosy extra layer in pure Merino wool.

Elsewhere in the magazine we’ve got a cheery fox hat that’s sized from babies right through to adults, so the whole family can join in the fun, an adorable toadstool cottage, a stylish shawl, a sweet baby blanket and much more.
I’ve also designed a simple beanie in a great tweedy yarn that’s fantastic for keeping out the chill in the air – I think I might have to make a few more in different colours! And having moved house recently, I’m enjoying the chance to brighten up my new home with handmade pieces – Lucy George’s quick-hook bag on page 71 is perfect for doubling up as some much-needed yarn storage in my living room!

Pick up your copy on shelves today, order online or download a digital edition directly to your smart device right now.

Happy crocheting!


Rhian Drinkwater, Editor

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131 issue

131 issueWrap up warm! Stay snug this winter in the softest crocheted layers and accessories Read more...

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