Lacy Blanket

Date: 8th December 2017 | Category: News


Combine your favourite colours to create a cosy one-of-a-kind blanket, like this one by Tanya Eberhardt, perfect for snuggling up under on chilly evenings. Find out how to crochet yours with the pattern project in issue 96 of Inside Crochet, available to order online and download directly to your smart device.


DMC Natura Just Cotton, 100% cotton, 50g/155m/169yds Yarn A: Amaranto 33 x 4 balls Yarn B: Jade 20 x 3 balls Yarn C: Siena 41 x 2 balls

Designer biography

Tanya a designer and blogger, and the author of Home Decoration In Crochet. Find her online at

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    ремонт дгу

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168 issue

168 issueFabulous florals: Designer patterns inspired by gorgeous blooms Read more...

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