Ladybird Cottage

Date: 3rd November 2017 | Category: News


This adorable toadstool by The Crafty Rambler opens up to reveal whatever treats you choose to store inside! Find out how to make yours with the fantastic pattern project in issue 95 of Inside Crochet, available to order online today or download to your smart device in just a few minutes.


• Small amounts of any DK yarn (Yarn A: Grass green, Yarn B: Light grey, Yarn C: Cream Yarn, D: Autumn gold, Yarn E: Red)
• Small amounts of No 8 Mercerised Cotton (Yarn F: Tan, Yarn G: Sunshine yellow, Yarn H: White, Yarn I: Stone grey, Yarn J: Olive green, Yarn K: Earth brown, Yarn L: Red, Yarn M: Black, Yarn N: Terracotta,Yarn O: Orange, Yarn P: Yellow)
Note: Small items can be made using three strands of embroidery silk
• Rounded pearl button with shank
• Three plastic canvas circles, 15cm/6in across
• Stuffing
• Two medium beads
• Four small beads
• Plastic tube approx 10cm/4in high and 6cm/2¼in in diameter
• Medium weight wire
• Lightweight iron-on interfacing

Designer Biography

The Crafty Rambler taught herself to crochet from a library book at a young age, and loves creating amigurumi designs and giving each them their own personality.

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169 issue

169 issueHappy holidays: Beautiful patterns for sunny adventures

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