Maite Shawl

Date: 16th October 2017 | Category: News


A simple twist on the beloved granny shawl by Claire Montgomerie, this stunning Mexican-inspired colourway is the perfect way to brighten your autumn wardrobe. Find out how to make this pattern project (and this month's cover garment) in issue 94 of Inside Crochet, available to buy online and download directly to your chosen smart device.


Patons Merino Extrafine DK, 100% wool, 50g/120m/131yds Yarn A: Chartreuse 174 x 1 ball Yarn B: Pale Pink 135 x 1 ball Yarn C: Majesty 153 x 1 ball Yarn D: Wine 132 x 1 ball Yarn E: Scarlet 130 x 1 ball Yarn F: Teal 169 x 1 ball Yarn G: Pink 137 x 1 ball Yarn H: Mint 167 x 1 ball

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Designer biography

Claire Montgomerie is a textiles designer specialising in knitting and crochet, constructing fabrics, garments, creatures and accessories which are fun, quirky and modern. Find out more at

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  • TimothyFouckTT

    TimothyFouckTT 16th October 2017 06:59

    Все о моде, женской красоте и здоровье, читайте на сайте

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    TituscoignUA 16th October 2017 09:52

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  • Margaret

    Margaret 21st October 2017 20:00

    I made a shawl with this pattern but used white woo and King Cole Cosmos in sapphire and it really keeps me warm.

169 issue

169 issueHappy holidays: Beautiful patterns for sunny adventures

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