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Date: 11th November 2013 | Category: News, Question Time, Win

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Question: What new craft or crochet skills do you want to learn or improve in 2014?

Congratulations to last month's winner, Rachel Nixon.


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  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth 11th November 2013 16:33

    I would like to learn how to Irish Crochet. My grandmother used to do it and it has always fascinated me. She used to make doilies with flowers on them. I would love to be able to do a cardigan/shrug/jacket in it.

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth 11th November 2013 16:34

    I would also love to learn broomstick lace or Tunisian crochet.

  • Pomme

    Pomme 11th November 2013 17:17

    Tu7nisian crochet! Got the hooks but haven't had time yet to properly try. Also, would like a throw with join as you go patterns: The Primrose throw from issue 47 would be a perfect candidate for that. Knitwise, I'm very keen to try fair isle, and learn continental style knitting so I can do it using both hands (if that make any sense). Very ambitious, and I'll probably not make half of that, but I'll give it a go!

  • AndiemCrochet

    AndiemCrochet 11th November 2013 17:28

    I need to learn how to cable crochet. I have such a beautiful pattern for a cardigan that I really want to make for my god-daughter but I'm not confident enough to try it yet! That will be my new year resolution. Hopefully Inside Crochet will have some top tips in issues to come? Hint, hint.

  • sharon

    sharon 11th November 2013 17:33

    I really want to work on my crocheted cables, thats one technique that always gives me problems

  • Joanne

    Joanne 12th November 2013 04:31

    I would love to learn to complete my pending projects...

  • Glenda

    Glenda 14th November 2013 05:11

    Where to start? I want to try tunisian crochet, but I also want to learn how to read charts better. Charts are something I had never seen before when I resumed crocheting this year (after many years away from it).

  • Justine

    Justine 20th November 2013 14:40

    I have seen the beautiful freeform crochet of Prudence Mapstone and others and would love to have a go. The creative freedom appeals to me.

  • Louise

    Louise 29th November 2013 21:21

    This year I have learnt to crochet and although I still need to improve, I would like to learn to knit too.

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