Roses Top

Date: 27th November 2017 | Category: News


This lacy tee in a hand-dyed yarn by Annelies Baes is an all season and all occasion garment, perfect paired with a long-sleeved top or dress in colder weather. Get started on this lovely lacy garment with the pattern project available in Inside Crochet issue 96. Order your copy online today or download directly to your smart device right now.


Dutch Wool Diva Sock Bamboo, 80% Merino wool/20% bamboo, 100g/400m/437yds Shade: War Of The Roses x 2 (3, 3, 4) skeins

Designer biography

Annelies aims to make fashionable garments that really fit and are fun to wear. View more of her designs at

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169 issueHappy holidays: Beautiful patterns for sunny adventures

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