Siena Kimono

Date: 30th October 2017 | Category: News


Conjuring up ’70s rock divas and soft Indian summers, this lacy kimono cardigan by Kathy Webber features delicate motifs and simple shaping for a cosy autumn layer. Find out how to make this fabulous pattern project in issue 95 of Inside Crochet, available to order online today, or download to your smart device right now.


• MillaMia Naturally Soft Aran, 100% Merino wool, 50g/80m/87yds Shade: Ochre 240 x 12 (16) balls

Save on your stash: Buy this gorgeously soft yarn from and get 15% off with the code ICMILLAMIA

Designer biography

With her quest for the perfect mustard Merino now complete, Kath loves working on designing textural and graphic crochet patterns in modern yarns and colourways. Turn to page 98 in issue 95 (available to download here) to read our interview with Kath.

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169 issueHappy holidays: Beautiful patterns for sunny adventures

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