Stitch it brighter

Date: 19th October 2017 | Category: News

Popular designer Amanda Perkins has released not one, but two glorious new blanket patterns.
Her Zigzag Blanket is an explosion of bright colours which we reckon will cheer up the gloomiest of days. “I love seeing all the colours of the spectrum together, so I started experimenting to see if I could use them all together in the right order,” says Amanda. Hooked in 24 colours, the throw is cleverly made from a simple triangle motif. And for a complete contrast, don’t miss Amanda’s beautiful Marsh Violet Blanket, inspired by the marsh violets that grow near her home on Exmoor. This heavenly collection of violet, lilac, pale magenta and pale copper hand-dyed shades is hooked into gorgeous floral motifs. What’s more, Amanda has a new store on the Deramores website. Pop over there to buy the Zigzag yarn pack.

Patterns, £4.80 from Amanda’s Ravelry shop. Zigzag yarn pack, £78.99, and search for Amanda Perkins.

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