Swimwear or Cringewear?

Date: 8th January 2016 | Category: News

We’re a week into the New Year and many of us are still just about clinging onto our healthy resolutions.

Shop StyleBut no matter how we might look come the summer months, the jury will be split when it comes to this growing trend.

In the past, crochet bikinis were a little too kitschy for most people’s tastes, often derided alongside granny squares as reasons why crochet was seen as a retro craft, rather than a modern medium. However, apparently that has all changed, as the past few years has seen the resurgence of the crochet bikini.

Photography courtesy of Angela Hawkey

Usually consigned to the depths of Ravelry, or pattern collections from the 70s, crochet swimwear is enjoying adoption by high street shops and fashion shows alike.

From the traditional ‘kini, to the one-piece bathing suit, there’s a whole lot of choice out there for those brave enough to give this trend a whirl but will you be ditching your beachwear for something crocheted this summer?

Right: Photograph courtesy of Angela Hawkey

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  • GegeCrochet

    GegeCrochet 25th January 2016 12:59

    It looks so cute, I must admit. But, I'm more of a "ride the waves and wipe out" type of gal than a "sit in the sun and make duck lips for selfies" type of gal. So, while I'd love to proudly rock one of these swimsuits, all I can think is how much they'd sag in the water and how uncomfortable the sand would be caught in the stitches, and what crazy tan lines I'd have. I mean, I LOVE the pineapple motif, buuuuuut....maybe not sunburnt on my belly. Now, taking a cruise through the Caribbean and wandering through the island shops in a long wrap skirt and crochet monokini top? THAT I could do. ;)

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