Three For Free – Halloween Toys

Date: 13th October 2017 | Category: News

Halloween needn't all be witches and zombies, why not get a headstart on Halloween with these three free crochet toy patterns we've found lurking across the web.

This Monster Family, courtesy of Katia

This lovable bunch is considered an intermediate level pattern and uses US terminology which you can convert to UK terminology with our handy guide.

This ghost Pokémon designed by Ana Amélia, courtesy of Mia's Atelier

This Gengar Pokémon is considered an intermediate level pattern and uses US terminology which you can convert to UK terminology with our handy guide.

This Pumpkin Amigurumi, courtesy of Pixeled Peach

This Pumpkin Amigurmiis considered a beginner level pattern and uses US terminology which you can convert to UK terminology with our handy guide.

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