What are... Clusters?

Date: 2nd October 2014 | Category: Tutorials, What are?


Clusters are groups of stitches worked into the same stitch, but rather than an increase, they still only equate to one stitch overall. Clusters can be confusing to work, so here are the details of some of the main cluster stitches.

A bobble is a number of stitches (generally trebles), half finished and all worked into the same stitch. Work each stitch until the last step, omitting this final step. Once the desired number of half finished trebles have been completed, you will have one more loop on your hook than you have half finished trebles. Yarn round hook, then pull through all loops on hook to complete the bobble.

Popcorns are a number of complete stitches worked into one stitch.


1 Once the sts are completed, remove your hook and insert back into the first stitch worked, then through the final loop.


2 Yarn round hook and pull through everything on the hook. Popcorn complete.



A puff is a number of elongated half trebles worked into the same stitch and then finished together, as follows:


1 Yarn round hook, insert into next stitch, pull a loop through the stitch and then pull it up to the height of all other stitches in the row.


2 Yarn round hook, insert into same stitch, pull a loop through stitch and pull it up to the height of all other stitches in the row. Repeat this step the desired number of times.


3 Yarn round hook and pull through all loops on hook. Puff made.

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  • Ruby

    Ruby 21st October 2014 04:58

    Where can I buy the sock pattern in this article or what back issue can I find the pattern?

    Thank you,

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