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Issue: 44, August 2013 | Category: Competition

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This month's theme is Granny Squares: Love them or Hate them?

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  • What is your favourite item you've ever made using granny squares?

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  • Cybele

    Cybele 26th July 2013 13:54

    Last year I made a miniskirt out of granny squares in different colours pink to wear to the ladies tractor road run in Norfolk. I take part every year to raise money for Cancer Research. I then ended up wearing it again to Latitude where I was helping out on the knitting team - the skirt was perfect to put crochet hooks/knitting needles in as I was going round the groups of people! There is a photo of my outfit here

  • Natasja

    Natasja 26th July 2013 13:56

    I adore granny squares. My favourite project was using granny squares to break up the rows of shells in a double bed blanket. If it wasn't for those 3 rows of 4-round granny squares I don't think I would have been able to finish the blanket out of shere boredom. I called the blanket the "Identity Crisis Blanket" because it started off as only rows of shells, then I wanted to do a whole panel of granny squares but decided against it, and in the end it turned out to be three rows of granny squares amongst all the rows of shells. Truely an identity crisis.

  • Betty

    Betty 26th July 2013 14:29

    I made 2 white-on-white ponchos in the early 1970's for my aunt and my mother for Christmas. They looked quite elegant.
    I never got around to making one for myself

  • Ann

    Ann 26th July 2013 15:38

    I'm very new to crochet, I took lessons from a fabulous teacher called Sara who taught us the basics and my first project was a summer blanket, using Granny squares. I was so hooked (sorry about the pun) that within a few months I had made two (one for myself and another for my mum who is not well, she loved hers) I love them both. Since then I have just finished making a shoulder bag using granny squares to hold my wool etc when I go out. Just wish I had more time to crochet. :-)

  • Kelly

    Kelly 26th July 2013 16:35

    My favorite was a project that my Grandma Stella had started but passed away before finishing. My Mom gave me the project and the yarn. Finished the granny squares and finished making the afghan and gave the afghan to my Mom. It is very special to both of us. I think of my Grandma Stella often when I crochet as she was the one who taught me.

  • yvonne

    yvonne 26th July 2013 17:00

    I love the granny squares , I made my own pattern square which I made into a jacket ,
    I have made 3 lovely baby blankets
    they are so easy to make and crochet up so quickly

  • Julie

    Julie 27th July 2013 15:04

    My very first project was a granny square blanket in lilac and cream to match our campervan Beaker. 16 rows by 16 rows of squares is an awful lot of squares, but it remains the item I am most proud of, and keeps me warm on cold camping evenings.

  • Darlene

    Darlene 28th July 2013 01:47

    I bought a whole bunch of Patons Sock yarn on sale and didn't have enough room in my present I had two balls of Redheart and turned them into 14 inch Granny Squares...then joined them for a granny square box like basket....I then lined it with fabric and now have a granny square totebox.....definitely found the granny square to be quick and easy to work with.....

  • Danielle

    Danielle 28th July 2013 16:31

    I love the look of granny squares, but I've never used one in a project myself. I haven't found one that speaks to me.

  • Hester

    Hester 29th July 2013 09:50

    My mohair blend blanket-but it's not finished. It's been a work in progress for about 20 years. Right now it is hibernating. When I retire it has a hope of being completed.

  • Jen

    Jen 29th July 2013 21:59

    I simply LOVE granny squares, there are so many different designs - I love the flower designs the most, but the ordinary classic granny square is always good, too. I made two pillow cases for my house, one bag, a case for glasses for my mother-in-law, a cozy for my iPad, which I use every day and never tired of the colorful cozy :) Now I have a big blanket to finish! Hard to say which one is my favorite - I love them all and the always inspire me to crochet some more granny squares :)

  • Diane

    Diane 6th August 2013 05:39

    A blanket with Peace Sign Granny Squares.

  • Heather

    Heather 7th August 2013 04:16

    I've only made one which was a baby blanket for a friend. I loved making all those squares but sewing them together was not fun!

  • Yarnchick

    Yarnchick 7th August 2013 10:29

    I love granny square and the colour combinations you can create. I just make scarves and blankets from them.

  • Katie

    Katie 7th August 2013 18:41

    A black and blue cat blanket :-)

  • Jamie V

    Jamie V 12th August 2013 03:41

    My fave is a giant granny square made as a bath mat for the bathroom floor in cotton yarn in an ombré technique...

  • Lynell

    Lynell 12th August 2013 23:23

    I made a Granny square bedspread a few years ago. I used up a lot of different yarns to give it texture, and depth. The size just got bigger, and it fit perfect on a queen bed, with overhang. I entered it in the County fair, and took 1st place!

  • Kathlyn

    Kathlyn 14th August 2013 17:38

    I first learned to crochet with granny squares to de-stress while revising for my A levels. By the time the exams were over, I had a blanket big enough to cover my bed and go to the floor on both sides! It went to uni with me, where it was much admired (and much abused!) =) kept me warm in the freezing winters in halls!

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth 14th August 2013 20:33

    The first thing I made was using granny squares. It was a blanket for my youngest sister, when she was born, in 1969. It had all the colours under the sun, my mum used to take me to the wool shop to see what oddballs they had on offer. I felt so proud when my mum put it on her cot, I was only 12

  • Becky

    Becky 3rd September 2013 23:25

    Having spent the past few years making things for other people, I finally decided to make something for our family. I made lots of granny squares in our 'new colours'. But my eye kept being drawn to a beloved footstool my partners Gran used to have. I covered the footstool in my squares and it now looks rather cool! This is my favourite granny square project now.

  • AndiemCrochet

    AndiemCrochet 2nd October 2013 11:04

    I love granny squares. I recently had an operation and hooking a granny square while waiting for the pain killers to kick in worked like magic! It took my mind completely off the pain. I've crocheted them all together now into a beautiful patchwork granny square handbag that I finished this weekend. Fabulous!

  • christine

    christine 14th February 2014 12:43

    Love your magazine and it has inspired me to learn as much as possible as I'm relatively new to crochet and reading patterns

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