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Date: 3rd October 2014 | Category: Competition, News

One lucky ready can win a set of 14 crochet and knitting books – worth over £180!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post! 


Competition ends 31 October 2014.

Competitions are only open to UK residents who are Inside Crochet readers and/or visitors to the Inside Crochet website unless otherwise stated. Competitions are not open to employees of Tailor Made Publishing (or members of their families), affiliated companies or those associated with these competitions. Prizes are as offered and are non-transferable, non-refundable, non-changeable. No cash alternatives are available. Only one entry is permitted per person and the editor's decision is final. Entries end 31st October 2014 (unless otherwise stated) and entries received after the closing date of the promotion will not be considered. No responsibility is taken for entries lost or delayed, by way of post or technical errors including malfunctions via the website. The winner will be drawn at random and the editor's decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. By entering, you confirm that we may make any use of your entry as we require, including publishing it on the magazine or website. The winner will be notified within 28 days of the closing date. Unless specified otherwise, if a prize remains unclaimed for six months it will not be awarded, provided reasonable attempts have been made to contact the winner using the contact details supplied. Please indicate on your entry if you don't want to receive information about the competition or other Inside Crochet promotions. Inside Crochet will only share this address with its sister publications and carefully selected partners.

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  • Coni

    Coni 3rd October 2014 13:45

    Your magazine is the only one I buy for crochet! Thank you.

  • Kathy

    Kathy 3rd October 2014 13:50

    Love Inside Crochet. Buy it every month, and these books look amazing!

  • Linda

    Linda 3rd October 2014 13:54

    Wow! I think I'll have to get my husband to build me another craft bookcase in case I win this lovely lot!

  • Jennyflower

    Jennyflower 3rd October 2014 13:55

    I would love to knit something evil! x

  • Tean

    Tean 3rd October 2014 13:56

    This would be the best early Christmas present for me

  • Claire

    Claire 3rd October 2014 13:58

    Fantastic prize! My fingers are crossed!

  • Claire

    Claire 3rd October 2014 13:58

    I really enjoy my digital subscription and would love to win these books!

  • Tracy

    Tracy 3rd October 2014 13:59

    Wonderful prize thank you! I am just learning so these would be so helpful!

  • Keri

    Keri 3rd October 2014 13:59

    Ooh lovely! Mum & I would have lots of fun looking through these. It's Christmas gift-making season too :)

  • nichola

    nichola 3rd October 2014 14:06

    What a fab prize I've been looking into buying some of these books :-)

  • lorraine

    lorraine 3rd October 2014 14:07

    I am new this year to wool crafts ~ this would be an instant library for me! ~~

  • Joanne

    Joanne 3rd October 2014 14:08

    What an amazing prize

  • Stevie

    Stevie 3rd October 2014 14:09

    I've subscribed to Inside Crochet, this would be the icing on the cake :)

  • kathy

    kathy 3rd October 2014 14:13

    Would love to win this. I am always looking for new patterns to try. Your magazine is amazing and so is this collection of books.

  • Gillian

    Gillian 3rd October 2014 14:28

    Brilliant competition, good luck to all.

  • michelle

    michelle 3rd October 2014 14:30

    Love crochet, it helped me stop smoking as It gave me something to do with my hands and that was 10 years ago, then I became a nanny and put it all to good use, made loads of beautiful stuff

  • D'vine Designs

    D'vine Designs 3rd October 2014 14:36

    Love Inside Çrochet! Always something special and glamorous

  • Gina

    Gina 3rd October 2014 14:37

    I subscribe to several magazines, but IC is by far my favorite. Interweave is the best we can get in the US, but yours is so much better. Thank goodness for digital subscriptions!

  • Helen

    Helen 3rd October 2014 14:38

    I have been knitting for years but only learnt to crochet this year and am hooked! These books are an amazing prize!

  • Linda

    Linda 3rd October 2014 14:48

    I have just found InsideCrochet and I am loving it. I hope to gain lots of inspiration. These books would be wonderful

  • Jo

    Jo 3rd October 2014 14:48

    Looks like a fantastic prize, thanks!

  • Heather

    Heather 3rd October 2014 14:51

    Fabulous selection of books, and I love your magazine.

  • Paula

    Paula 3rd October 2014 15:04

    Love your magazine! Awesome prize! Fingers crossed ...

  • Sarah

    Sarah 3rd October 2014 15:09

    There was once a lady called Sarah
    Who continually pulled her hair out!
    You see, try as she may;
    Only blankets she made;
    She needed more help in this area!

    Would love to win this competition!! It may not improve my poetry, but it may help extend my crochet portfolio!!

  • Anna

    Anna 3rd October 2014 15:12

    Love the magazine, and this giveaway is wonderful!

  • Mary

    Mary 3rd October 2014 15:27

    What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  • Hazel ann

    Hazel ann 3rd October 2014 15:38

    with all these I would be happy to buy a new bookcase! Just what I need to keep busy all year with all that design and help only an arm's length away.

  • Bethany

    Bethany 3rd October 2014 15:43

    Would be great to won this big bundle of goodness 😃

  • Lucy

    Lucy 3rd October 2014 15:53

    Great selection of books - I'd learn to knit if I won them!

  • sue

    sue 3rd October 2014 16:03

    lovely lot of books

  • angela

    angela 3rd October 2014 16:05

    I have recently discovered crocheting and found your magizine the best for tricks and tips and patterns, competions and more im hooked ......(punn intended) love inside crochet xxxxxxx

  • Heather

    Heather 3rd October 2014 16:29

    My auntie would love these for Christmas!

  • Fiona

    Fiona 3rd October 2014 17:21

    What a fab prize, count me in :-)

  • Louise

    Louise 3rd October 2014 17:22

    Oooo so many books, good excuse to buy more yarn......

  • Caroline

    Caroline 3rd October 2014 17:59

    This looks fab!

  • Pomme

    Pomme 3rd October 2014 19:05

    Very intrigued by the reversible knits!

  • Sarah

    Sarah 3rd October 2014 19:30

    I love knitting and crochet - what a great prize. Please enter me :-)

  • Alison

    Alison 3rd October 2014 20:18

    Lots of lovely books. The stitch dictionary and the granny squares would be especially handy.

  • Kate

    Kate 3rd October 2014 20:21

    Me please. I've been a subscriber for ages!

  • Tina

    Tina 3rd October 2014 20:24

    What a fantastic prize!! I've recently discovered your magazine. It's quite a trip for me to get it but well worth the trip!

  • Sally

    Sally 3rd October 2014 21:19

    I love the variety of ideas/patterns etc to try out.

  • FionaLynne

    FionaLynne 3rd October 2014 21:35

    What a great selection - fingers crossed!

  • Justyna

    Justyna 3rd October 2014 21:57

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! What a lovely collection of books!

  • CERI

    CERI 3rd October 2014 22:50

    What a fab array of books - though winning them would cause a few which one to read first; can I find somewhere to hide more yarn from hubby; and just how little housework can I get away with?

  • sarah

    sarah 4th October 2014 00:54

    This would be a dream come true birthday present. Good luck everyone who enters. What a superb prize, thank you x

  • Kat

    Kat 4th October 2014 04:50

    What a fantastic prize!!!! I would be in crochet heaven with all these books :)

  • Karen

    Karen 4th October 2014 07:47

    Love Inside Crochet, have a digital subscription so I can take it everywhere and have it with me when yarn shopping! What a great bunch of fabulous books for any bookcase!

  • Claire

    Claire 4th October 2014 08:39

    Would love to win these - just got back into knitting and crochet after inheriting my Gran's collection of needles and hooks.

  • Helen

    Helen 4th October 2014 09:25

    Oh Yes please !

  • Eileen

    Eileen 4th October 2014 09:34

    Oh how gorgeous these books are! Imagine all the beautiful projects that can be made! Keep up your magazine, of all mags out there (worldwide), Inside Crochet really jumps out. The patterns are so detailed with size tables and charts and chuck full of nice clothes and accessories. Thanks for bringing us hookers this great magazine!

  • Kathleen

    Kathleen 4th October 2014 10:05

    Inside Crochet is the best on the market. So helpful for all for us.

  • Melanie

    Melanie 4th October 2014 11:09

    My friend is teaching me to crochet, but only once a month when I see her so I think these books could really help :) Fingers crossed xx

  • Linnea

    Linnea 4th October 2014 14:31

    Great book selection! Love how Inside crochet has photoshoots! keep up the good work!

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth 4th October 2014 14:54

    Wow !! What a fabulous prize. I love Inside Crochet and this amazing selection of books would be the icing on the cake, it's a wonderful collection of titles......fingers crossed and dreaming of all those fantastic projects I could make :)

  • Spidoing

    Spidoing 4th October 2014 19:51

    A fantastic prize! Keep up the great magazine :)

  • Kay

    Kay 4th October 2014 20:28

    Super prize, would love to win as both knit & crochet!

  • Katherine

    Katherine 5th October 2014 10:17

    Would love to win these books. Learned to crochet with instructions in your magazine! x

  • lara

    lara 5th October 2014 10:39

    I just started crocheting this year and I am crazy about it! all this books would help me greatly to do every single pattern from your magazine!! it would be great to win!

  • Kim

    Kim 5th October 2014 12:36

    I would love to win all of these books! Thanks for the chance :-)

  • hazel

    hazel 5th October 2014 14:35

    I would love to win these

  • Susie

    Susie 5th October 2014 15:14

    That would provide so much inspiration and like others, I really fancy the idea of sitting there madly knitting something evil!

  • sally

    sally 5th October 2014 15:15

    Wow, what a fantastic prize. I'd share them with my crochet group if I was lucky enough to win.

  • ra

    ra 5th October 2014 16:18

    wouldn't it be lovely to win all these books

  • Kristine

    Kristine 6th October 2014 11:03

    Would love to be able to add these to my library!

  • barbara

    barbara 6th October 2014 23:05

    Winning this collection of books would be fab! Would help me hibernate with my hooks over winter! :)

  • Tina

    Tina 7th October 2014 10:37

    Yes please!

  • Anna

    Anna 7th October 2014 13:59

    OK a small voice just screamed PANDA in my ear when I opened the page, so looks like I am entering lol!
    Love Inside Crochet. Keep doing what you are doing. Its perfect : )

  • Nicole

    Nicole 7th October 2014 14:52

    Loving the jumper on cover of issue 58. Already made one and just starting second. Would love to win this amazing bundle of books.

  • Tracey

    Tracey 7th October 2014 17:08

    Love your magazine, would be amazing to win this prize, it's fab!

  • Muriel

    Muriel 8th October 2014 15:41

    Love the books available in the competition and love the Knitting collection-when is the next one going to be published?

  • Paul

    Paul 9th October 2014 14:41

    Would love this for my wife

  • Alison

    Alison 9th October 2014 18:26

    What a wonderful prize - these books, like your magazine, would inspire me to create all sorts of lovely things!

  • Helen

    Helen 10th October 2014 19:09

    Might have to buy a new book shelf - but it will be worth it!

  • Gill

    Gill 10th October 2014 20:15

    What an amazing collection of books! Although not yet a buyer or subscriber to Inside Crochet or any other crochet magazine, I'm loving the look of the latest issue being a lover of Scandinavian style and may just have to buy my very first crochet magazine!

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie 13th October 2014 12:04

    I did some crochet as a teenager, with the help of my Gran who in the 60's made crochet for West End boutiques. Now I'm trying to pick it up again, but I need help, so this would be fab

  • Virginia

    Virginia 13th October 2014 12:09

    Can you open the competition to US residents?

  • Solange

    Solange 13th October 2014 15:01

    Wow! loads of great books!

  • Sian

    Sian 14th October 2014 12:33

    Evil Knits will come in handy for making enough henchman to take over the world - when not set on villainy would be inspired by the other books to make lovely, fluffy things for my baba...

  • Carolyn

    Carolyn 19th October 2014 11:56

    Wow, an inspiring collection of colourful projects to keep me going through those drab winter months, I hope I win!

  • Jan

    Jan 19th October 2014 16:38

    I love crocheting and Inside Crochet is an inspiration to the young and the not so young to have a go. Jan.

  • Caroline

    Caroline 21st October 2014 12:02

    My new grandaughter is loving her growing collection of crochet blankets, toys, cardigans etc.! More inspiration please - these books would just fit the bill! Can't wait until she's old enough to pass on this wonderful skill!

  • Susan

    Susan 21st October 2014 17:54

    What a wonderful prize! I am going weak at the knees at the thought of all those exciting designs to make.

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca 26th October 2014 09:37

    I've just started taking up crocheting and this would be a fantastic addition to my hobby! Good luck all!

  • Mark

    Mark 26th October 2014 11:30

    Great prize

  • Helen

    Helen 26th October 2014 12:22

    Fab magazine and fab prize !!....many thanks

  • Linda

    Linda 28th October 2014 19:09

    love this competition thanks

  • shane

    shane 28th October 2014 23:29

    Love Inside Crochet.

  • Carol

    Carol 29th October 2014 16:30

    Brilliant prize!

  • Clare

    Clare 29th October 2014 22:19

    wow, great selection of books!

  • Trix

    Trix 30th October 2014 01:18

    I love flicking through books looking for inspiration, winning this bundle of books would be fabulous

  • Louise

    Louise 30th October 2014 17:10

    Wow! That's what I call a great prize. It would keep me out of mischief for a long time - probably ;)

  • Victoria

    Victoria 30th October 2014 19:32

    Fab! I'm a beginner, teaching myself to crochet so these would be super helpful!

  • Kelly

    Kelly 30th October 2014 21:53

    Lovely prize

  • Sarah

    Sarah 31st October 2014 16:32

    This is an amazing selection of books. Perfect for an avid crocheter such as myself!

  • Hannah

    Hannah 31st October 2014 21:08

    Great prize, would be amazingly happy to win these

  • Janice

    Janice 31st October 2014 23:38

    Great prize bundle!

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