FREE: Maia Headband

Issue: Issue 55, 2014

Maia Headband by Claire Montgomerie

This simple-to-make headband is perfect for crochet beginners and easily adaptable to fit any size.

● Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK, 100% cotton, 100g/184m/201yds
Yarn A: Soft Lime 3663 x 1 ball
Yarn B: Ivory 3665 x 1 ball
● 4mm hook

You can use any DK yarn for this project.

Exact tension is not essential for this project.

Headband measures approx 6cm/2¼in wide, and is customisable to fit any head circumference.

Claire Montgomerie is the editor of Inside Crochet, a textiles teacher and designer specialising in knit and crochet. Find out more at


With yarn A, make a chain long enough to go round your head snugly – remember that the band will stretch. Sample size is 70ch long, to fit round a head with 54cm/21¼in circumference. Join into a rnd with sl st.
Rnds 1 & 2: 1ch, 1dc in each ch around, join rnd with sl st.
Rnds 3–5: 2ch, 1htr in each st around, join rnd with sl st.
Rnds 6 & 7: 1ch, 1 dc in each ch around, join rnd with sl st.
Fasten off yarn A.
Join yarn B to any stitch around edge with a sl st and work one rnd in dc evenly around edge.
Fasten off.
Repeat for remaining edge.

With yarn A, make 3ch.
Row 1: Work 2htr in third ch from hook, turn – 3htr.
Row 2: 2ch, htr in same st, 1htr, 2htr in next st, turn – 5htr.
Row 3: 2ch, htr in same st, 3htr, 2htr in last st, turn – 7htr.
Row 4: 2ch, htr in same st, 5htr, 2htr in last st, turn – 9htr.
Work two rows straight in htr.
Row 7: 2ch, htr2tog, htr to last 2 sts, htr2tog, turn – 7htr.
Row 8: As row 7 – 5htr.
Row 9-18: 2ch, htr to end, turn.
Row 19: 2ch, htr in same st, htr to last st, 2htr in next st, turn – 7htr.
Row 20: As row 19 – 9htr.
Work two rows straight in htr.
Row 23: As row 7 – 7htr.
Row 24: As row 7 – 5htr.
Row 25: As row 7 – 3htr.
Row 26: Htr3tog.
Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Block lightly to shape. Wrap thin section of bow round centre of headband twice, then tie into a knot securely. Wear jauntily!

This pattern is tagged with:

Accessories: Headband

Designer: Claire Montgomerie

Price: Free

Yarn Type: DK

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