The Basics - part 2

Issue: 32, August 2012

Once you know how to hold your hook and yarn (see our guide here) it's time to get started. Below you'll find our tips on creating slipknots, chains and slipstitches.


A slipknot creates the first loop on the hook.


1 Make a loop in the yarn around 10–20cm/4–8in from the end. Insert hook through loop, catch the back strand of yarn and pull it through to the front.


2 Pull the ends of the yarn to secure the knot around the hook, but not too tightly or it will be hard to pull the first loop of chain through.

CHAIN (ch)

Most crochet projects begin with a length of chain. This is the perfect stitch to practise your hold and tension with.


1 Holding just the hook with point up in your dominant hand, and the yarn in the other, grip the slipknot with the yarn holding hand. Work a yarn round hook (yrh or yoh) by passing the hook in front of the yarn, under and around it.


2 Roll the hook round in your fingers towards you to catch the yarn and pull through loop on hook. One chain made.


3 Ensuring the stitches are even – not too loose or tight – repeat to make a length of chain.


A slip stitch is usually used to join one stitch to another, or to join a stitch to another point. It is generally made by picking up two strands of a stitch but when used all over, you usually only pick up the back loop.


1 Insert hook into st or chain required. Yarn over hook, as when you make a chain. Pull a loop through all stitches/ loops/work on hook to finish slip stitch.


The right side of your chain is the one that looks like a little plait of “v” shapes. Each “v” is a stitch and must be counted. When you are working the chain, you do not count the slipknot, but begin to count your chain when you pull through the first loop. To count the chain afterwards you count the slipknot as the first stitch, but not the loop on the hook, or “working” loop.


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